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Cooking Time: >1 hr
Dish Type: Roast
Special Diets: None
Blogger: No

5 kg Murray Valley Pork, boned & rolled shoulder
1/4 cup salt

Quinoa & Fig Stuffing

1/2 cup dried quinoa
1 cup chicken stock
1 x leek, finely sliced
4 x cloves garlic, minced
1/4 cup fresh sage leaves, chopped
1/3 cup fresh parsley, chopped
8 x dried figs, diced
100g prosciutto slices
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 egg

Cider Jus

2 x onions, roughly chopped
2 x carrots, roughly chopped
2 x sticks celery, roughly chopped
1 cup chicken stock
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup apple cider

Caramelized Apples

4 x pink lady or red delicious apples, cut in half
2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp brown sugar
pinch salt

To Serve

Baby carrots


Preparing the Pork

Preheat the oven to 180C (Fan bake).

Unpackage the boned and rolled shoulder of pork and pat the skin dry with paper towel. Cover the surface of the pork with salt and rub into the scored marks on the skin.

If the skin has not been scored with a knife, please do so now. Place the pork into a roasting tray and place back into the fridge for at least 30 minutes or up to two hours to let the salt draw the moisture out of the skin.

Remove the shoulder of pork from the fridge and scrape of the excess salt and pat dry. Remove the string tying the pork together and open the rolled shoulder up. Trim any excess meat inside the shoulder to allow for the stuffing to fit inside once rolled.

Gently scoop the Quinoa & Fig Stuffing over the middle of the open pork shoulder and press down. Gently roll the shoulder back up and tie into place along the length of the shoulder where the previous string was.

You may need an extra set of hands for this. If some of the stuffing falls out simply press back into the centre of the rolled shoulder.

Quinoa & Fig Stuffing

Meanwhile, rinse the quinoa grains in a bowl filled with water to remove the bitter taste. Drain off the water and place into a saucepan along with chicken stock. Bring to the boil and simmer with the lid on.

Once the water has evaporated from the quinoa remove from the heat to cool slightly before placing onto a tray and evenly spread it out and place into the freezer to cool down.

Spread the prosciutto slices onto a lined baking tray and place into the oven for 8-10 minutes or until golden and crispy. Remove from the oven and let the prosciutto cool.

Place a frypan over medium heat and add in a little olive oil to the pan. Add the leek and garlic and saute for 5-8 minutes or until pale and translucent.

Add in the sage and parsley and briefly cook for 1 minute followed by the dried figs and prosciutto which you can gently crumble into the pan.

Stir to let the flavours meld and remove from the heat. Transfer mixture into a large bowl along with the cooled quinoa, salt and pepper and lightly beaten egg. Stir to combine the mixture.

Cooking the Pork & Cider Jus

Turn oven up to 220C (Fan bake)

Place the onions, carrots, celery, chicken stock, apple cider vinegar and apple cider into the base of a large roasting tray that will fit the pork roast.

Gently sit the stuffed roast on top of the veggies and pat the skin dry the last time removing any sign of moisture on the skin. Drizzle a little olive oil over the skin of the pork and massage into the entire surface of the pork skin.

Place the roasting pan with the pork into the hot oven and cook for 40 minutes on high before reducing to 180C for the remainder of the cooking time. Cook for a further 2 1/2 hours (** Caramelized apples & roast carrots need to be added 45 min) before cooking time is finished) before removing the roast from the oven and letting it rest covered in foil for a further 20 minutes.

Drain the Cider Jus through a sieve, discarding the cooked vegetables, and place into a small saucepan. Bring the liquid to the boil and simmer with the lid off for 20 minutes to reduce by approx a half. Thicken the liquid with a little cornflour mixed in water to your desired consistency.

Caramelized Apples

Place the cut pieces of apple onto a lined baking tray. Along with the topped and tailed baby carrots. Drizzle a little olive oil over both the apples and the carrots.

Warm the honey and brown sugar together in a small microwavable jug until the sugar has dissolved. Brush the mixture over the tops of the apple and place into the oven at 180C (about 45 min before the roast is done). Bake for 10-15 minutes before basting again with the honey and sugar mixture. Repeat this process every 10-15 minutes until the apples are cooked and are golden brown.

Remove and let it cool before serving alongside the Quinoa & Fig Stuffed Pork, steamed broccolini and Cider Jus.

Cooks Notes

- To work out the cooking time of your roast it takes 20 min for every 500g of meat + 20 mins.

- You can do the prep work of stuffing the rolled shoulder the day before to save you work on the day of cooking.

- The Cider Jus can be frozen along with any meat leftovers you may have.

- If you want to eat the crackling the next day and it's gone a little soft, simply pop under the grill of your oven and warm through until the crackling starts to sizzle and pop again.

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