Pork on a plate

Famous Producers of Australian Pork

The secret to our famous pork is confidence. Confidence means you can guarantee your customers that their pork will be tasty, tender and juicy every time.
And confidence in a process that we’ve been perfecting for over 10 years, ensuring you always have the very best product.

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    Forever Inspiring

    We aim to get people – both internal and external, excited about our products and the pork category as a whole. Excited by the taste, the process of cooking, excited by what may be.

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    Constantly Challenge Ourselves

    It’s not enough to say what we have today will be the best tomorrow. It might be, but by challenging ourselves we ensure we stay ahead of the competition and ensure we deliver great product to our loyal customer

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    True as the day is long

    Beyond honest, as a brand we are true to the product we grow, and the people we sell to. We’re true to our craft, customer and consumer – what we say is what we do.


Don’t just take our word for it