In sport, MVP often means ‘most valuable player’ but in the Aussie meat sector it means Murray Valley Pork, and to us, there’s no one more valuable or important than the butchers who are working hard every day to get quality products into Australian kitchens.

We’re proud to be running a range of initiatives designed to support butchers, not only by helping them access amazing, high quality pork that their customers love, but by helping them run profitable, thriving businesses.

Our Retail Excellence Program is designed with three streams: social media training to help butchers make the most of this powerful marketing channel; business management training to give butchers the skills they need to manage a modern retail outlet; and product demos and masterclasses.

We rolled out the first social media training sessions last year and the feedback was incredibly positive. We’re excited to see butchers really embracing social media. More than ever, consumers want to know the story behind their food, and when butchers can tell that story well, it’s great for business.

We look forward to bringing you more detail about our business training and product demos in the future.

In other MVP news, we’re proud to be promoting Australian butchery skills to the world through our sponsorship of the incredible Steelers as they take on the World Butcher Challenge. There’s nothing like a bit of competition to bring out the best in our industry.

And on the topic of competition, we’d like to congratulate all the winners and finalists from the recent AMIC national championships, with a special shout out to our winning customers including Sunvalley Fine Foods, Baker Crescent and Borella Butchery, Collins Court Butchers and Flora Hill Butchery.