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About Us

Provenance, processes and passion are the key ingredients that make Murray Valley Pork famous. But none of our successes would be possible without the cooperation and dedication of our entire team, from our growers to our butchers.

The Murray Valley Pork Story

We didn’t become famous overnight. We worked hard at it, year after year. We had some wins. We made some mistakes. But every new experience brought us greater clarity. And thankfully, we’ve become better producers of pork for it.

Of course, we’ve been doing it for a very long time, with a high level of consistency, so we earned our famous-ness, so to speak.

You see, at Murray Valley Pork, we have a pretty simple philosophy. We just focus on being better, not bigger. Bigger will take care of itself.

Being “Better” means that we feed our pigs the very best diets. We explore different feed profiles to bring out the best flavours of our meat. And we make sure every cut is moisture-infused for a better end result. This is the kind of quality that butchers, consumers and the trade expect from MVP, and that’s exactly what we deliver every single time.

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We understand the need to partner with those who are going to cook with and/or sell our product through their business. We enjoy working with and supporting those who share the same passion we do, caring for the produce we sell and delivering a complete experience for consumers.

In the Trade

Murray Valley Pork is active in developing and delivering programs that aim to support our customers. We deliver programs from media and marketing training, retail insights and tips as well as recipe guidance and more.

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Passionate about processes

We always strive to deliver the very best product. Because we own the entire process it means we can make changes along the way to ensure that every cooking experience is one to remember.

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Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.

The secret to famous pork is in the tasty, tender, juicy pork we deliver every time.

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We’re the farmer

The secret to enjoying the best pork is buying from people you can trust. Our pork products are proudly produced by locals. They’re grown by Aussie farmers under some of the best farming conditions in the world, by people who invest a little extra effort “because we love our profession”. Only a brand with people who care as much as we do would go to the lengths that we do for our pork products.

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